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7/8" Corrugated Panel

7/8" Corrugated Panel

  • 29 5/16" Roof Coverage / 32" Wall Coverage
  • 26 GA Standard  (29 GA coming soon!)

7/8" Corrugated panels are classically designed exposed fastener panels with multiple coverage and spacing options to choose from.  With exceptional durability and unlimited color options, any one of the RSP's 7/8" Corrugated panels would be the perfect choice for function and creativity.   The construction of corrugated panels allows them to follow every curve of your design where needed when installed vertically.  And it's suitable for use on both wall and roof applications. 

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Color Chart

Color will vary with each color monitor & color printer.   To ensure color accuracy, request a color chart or color chip.

7/8" Corrugated Brochure

7/8" Corrugated Trims


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  • 7/8" Corrugated 29 5/16" Roof Coverage / 32" Wall Coverage
  • Major Rib Height - 7/8"
  • Major Rib Spacing - 2 2/3" o.c.
  • Fastening : Direct Fastening
  • Minimum roof slope: 1:12
  • Available in a wide variety of Toughbond 3000 colors
  • 29 5/16" Roof Coverage / 32" Wall Coverage
  • 7/8" Rib Height
  • Made from high-tensile steel for superior load capacity
  • Paint materials have corrosion resistant metallic finish under the primer and topcoat
  • Tough Bond™ SMP Pain system with a 40 year written paint warranty
  • Major Rib Configuration: Corrugated
  • Fastening: Exposed, direct fastened
  • Thickness: 26 GA (29 GA coming soon!)
  • Minimum Roof Slope: 1:12
  • Base Metal: 80 ksi steel

Please visit our resources page to view our current color chart.

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