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Metal to Wood Fasteners
Metal to Wood Fasteners

Metal to Wood Fasteners

6W10     Size: 10 x 1”

6W15     Size: 10 x 1.5"

6W20    Size: 10 x 2”

6W25    Size: 10 x 2.5”

*6W30    Size: 10 x 3”

*Non-Stock Item - Product can't be returned

Use to fasten Rolled-Rib panel to Dimensional wood framing.

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Color Chart

Colors will vary with each color monitor & color printer.  To ensure color accuracy, request a color chart or color chip.

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Our Metal2Wood fastener is designed to attach steel roofing and siding used in post-frame and residential metal roofing applications.  A high-hex washer head provides driving stability, Hi-Lo threads deliver superior holding strength, and the Type 17 point makes installation quick.  High-quality mechanical zinc plating provides extended corrosion resistance with a bonded seal washer.

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