Made in the Northwest: Rolled Steel Products

SPOKANE, Wash. – Rolled Steel Products has been making a name for itself in Spokane since 1992.

“We manufacture metal roofing, siding and accessories for agricultural, residential and commercial buildings,” explained RSP President Jeff Van Leuven.

In fact, you’ve probably seen the company’s work on buildings around the Inland Northwest without knowing where it came from, but Van Leuven says the visibility of those buildings a source of pride for RSP’s roughly three dozen employees.

“It’s great to see our products in buildings in the community, no doubt about that.”

With improvements in the paint and the variety in styles, Van Leuven says metal roofing and siding is growing more and more popular all the time.

“You’re seeing it a lot more in commercial buildings and you’re seeing a lot more metal being used in residential.”

The residential side of the business is really strong right now with the boom in construction across the Inland Northwest and the demand for residential outbuildings.

“People want to build a shop to go with their acreage,” said Van Leuven.

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