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There must be a better way to do business!

Rolled Steel Products founder, Ron Graham, had over a decade of experience in steel production management for large and small corporations, but he was still frustrated with the large corporate mentality and the resulting inability to see or implement what seemed to be obvious changes and improvements.  Driven by his conviction that there must be a better way, he assembled a team of like-minded industry veterans and put into action a business plan to form a company dedicated to the needs of its customers, not the short-term interests of managers and shareholders.

From this conviction, Rolled Steel Products (RSP) became a reality in 1992.  A privately owned steel roll forming company based in Spokane, Washington, RSP was dedicated to listening, assisting and providing a far superior product and customer service to its customers.

As satisfied customer referrals fueled the engine of growth, soon RSP was adding new product lines and services.  In 1999, Rolled Steel Products, Inc. entered the self-storage business by forming a new division; RSP Structural Systems (RSPSS).  A team of industry savvy engineers, design and strategic professionals were assembled to combine the same loyalty to customer service found in Rolled Steel Products, along with superior building design to serve this growing industry.  Once again, this formula worked, making RSP Structural Systems one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of a wide variety of steel buildings for self-storage and other light-gauge building uses.

In our continuing efforts to introduce new products and services as well as responding to our customer’s needs, in 2002, RSP opened a new and larger facility in Spokane.  It is here, we look forward to future opportunities of service.  And with our growing customer base, we take pride and satisfaction in contributing to the many individual success stories of our customers.  Each of our customer’s stories derived from our continued dedication to listen, assist and provide a superior product and service to our customers.

There is a better way to do business and we invite you to join Rolled Steel Products and experience that better way!