Self-Storage Solutions

RV & Boat Storage

RSP Structural Systems has a full time staff of engineers, design specialists and manufacturing technicians dedicated to bringing your concept to reality.

Certain areas of the country have a strong demand for large units for RV and Boat storage. The configuration, building height and door size can vary for these different uses and will be determined by what the customers in your particular market area need.

RV’s come in three basic classifications based on their size.The largest of these vehicles will require a 14′ wide x 45′ deep unit and 12′ wide x 14′ tall door. Boats can range from 6’ on up, but most will be 14’ – 28’ plus trailer tongue. A unit width of 12′ and depth of 35′ with a door opening of 10′ wide x 10′ tall should be the minimum for trailered boats.

Some customers prefer to have large open areas for parking their stored vehicles rather than individual units, RSP Structural Systems can supply large clear span buildings for this purpose.