Our exclusive loc-rib™  concealed fastener panels have a 16” coverage and a rib height of 7/8”. Each panel snaps securely over the adjacent panel, eliminating the use of unsightly exposed fasteners. Loc-rib™  panels are a snap to install and our exclusive design ensures that they stay locked without the need for “extras” such as a seaming tools, washers or clips!!

Loc-rib™   features our premium tough bond 3000 high performance silicon polyester paint finish with a 40-year non-prorated warranty. We make loc-rib™  in custom cut lengths to meet your needs from 3’ to 40’ (Please inquire for lengths over 40’). All loc-rib™  is produced in our exclusive “true” 26 gauge steel! (24 gauge available on special request.)

Features & Benefits

Loc-rib™  16” coverage

Gauging system

Loc-rib™  is manufactured with grade e, 80,000 psi 26 GA. Steel.

With a coverage of 16” and rib height of 7/8”, loc-rib™  is offered in galvanized and 13 standard colors with tough bond 3000 high performance silicone polyester finish that carries a 40 year non-prorated warranty.  Loc-rib™  panels are produced at a minimum length of 3’.  Call for maximum lengths.

Material Specifications

Intermediate minor ribs minimize oil canning

Interlocking rib with mastic recess insures a positive lock and a weather tight seal

Made from high tensile steel for superior load capacity*

All painted materials have corrosion resistant metallic finish under the primer and topcoat

Tough Bond™ SMP Paint system with a 40 year written paint warranty

Coverage: 16”

Major Rib Height: 7/8”

Major Rib Configuration: Trapezoidal, Snap Lock

Fastening: Concealed, direct fastened

Thickness: 26 ga, 24 ga**

Minimum Roof Slope: 1:12***

Base Metal: 80 ksi steel

*Contact RSP for complete load tables **Limited colors in 24 ga, contact RSP for availability ***Special detail at ridge and eave required

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